I Have Herpes


I Have Herpes… I shared my deepest darkest secret at TEDx Malibu. After 18 years, I’ve decided to share my deepest secret with the world. This video was ne…


I Have Herpes

I Have Herpes... I shared my deepest darkest secret at TEDx Malibu. After 18 years, I've decided to share my deepest secret with the world. This video was never meant to be shared. I recorded it for myself as a means to get comfortable with the idea of sharing my secret. I didn't pre-plan what I was going to say and just spoke from the heart, those words that haunted me for so many years aloud. I've decided to share it because I know it will help someone who is keeping the same secret. It'll give you insight into how I was feeling on the day I stood on stage at TEDx Malibu, about to tell the world.

I believe that you are only as sick as your secrets and I was 18 years overdue for some healing. I am nervous because I feel naked to be so open and vulnerable. I'm excited as it has been a long time coming and I know the healing effect it will have.

Watch my TEDx talk (link at the end of this video) for the truth about secrets and how anyone can make their dirty 'lil secret into their pretty 'lil secret.

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My hope is that you hear something universal in my story, that you connect with my raw honesty and vulnerability. Perhaps you will realize, you are not alone... I want for everyone to be at peace with who they are and to learn, grow & heal through hearing another person's story.

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I can't wait to connect with you, so let the sharing, healing and learning begin...


  • Herpes HSV 1 and 2 are carried by 90% of humans aged 14 to 85. There are 8
    types of herpetic viruses. (One is herpes Zoster, or “shingles” and another
    is chicken pox). That’s an astounding figure. The word, herpes, comes from
    the root for “creeping” as in snakes’ movement, hence, the study of snakes
    is called Herpetology. Some people, in fact, MOST don’t know they have it !
    Most doctors don’t know how to test properly for it. Many doctors are
    carriers themselves. I caught mine from a doctor. Many people do not have
    any outbreaks at all. Others are plagued by frequent outbreaks . Everyone
    needs to educate themselves by reading the most research current data
    filled book on Herpes called “The Good News About the Bad News” written by
    a research nurse who has dedicated her life to finding a vaccine for it. So
    get busy and share the book with a friend! 90% is the majority of humanity.
    Stop feeling like the lone ranger. Get comfortable talking about it.

  • So proud of you Kirsty. You have such a beautiful spirit darling.

    Your JOY is within YOU – keep going – never give up. God is going to bless
    you with something that you didn’t even ask for. Just wait on him. Be
    patient and know that He is working everything out for you at this very
    moment. You are making a difference. Your pretty little secret matters. In
    the meantime, just be thankful for what you already have that is good in
    your life. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. It’s helpful to get
    things out. wow. Again, I am very proud of you. God bless you

  • Great video!! N u r brave!! But I’m confused wht kind of herpes do u hav is
    it 1 or 2? Cause the whole world has herpes 1, anyhow’s great video n stay

  • I was just contacted from a past relationship , that he has herpes and
    might have given it to me. I have been with someone since,, and have been
    tested and i do have it..i am lost at what to do. 

  • Hi I’ve recently just met a very beautiful girl, just last night she told
    me her secret she too has genital herpes. I am a STD Free health young man,
    I’ve never being in a situation like this before I’m scared I don’t know
    what to do.

    Can someone please help me

  • Kirsty, thanks for the great video. People shouldn’t discriminate against
    others for it. One quarter of the population has Herpes I and doesn’t even
    know it. It is the common cold sore on peoples’ mouths and is usually
    passed down from parents to children in normal kissing during childhood.
    It is the same virus and can be spread to other parts of the body through
    contact, so anyone can accidentally spread it, even if they aren’t sexually
    active. My mother was married to my father for almost fifty years, but she
    had it since she was a child.

  • You asked in text in the video if we have any secrets. I don’t so much
    anymore. I kept them well hidden for a long time. Like that I was hurting
    myself since I was 5. I don’t keep those secrets now as I share them on
    youtube. I feel secrets can be turned into powerful tools of sharing and a
    release for others who hear it and are going through the same thing. It
    raises awareness and helps to erase stigma.
    Not everyone is ready to give away the secrets….in the meantime there are
    those of us that can be a voice for those who have none.

  • I completely understand your story and for a long time I could not say the
    H word either. The first person I ever slept with at 18 year old gave me
    herpes too. He knew he had it and just never told me. I was very young,
    naïve, with low self-esteem and he was MUCH older than me, lied about his
    age and took advantage of me. For along time I hated myself and blamed
    myself for getting this disease. I still have my days to be honest. But,
    fortunately, I was able to find someone who I have been in a relationship
    with for over 15 years. I do worry about infecting him and I still have
    periods of self doubt. But I try to be as happy as I can, although it is
    not an easy road. 

  • Thank you for sharing, I am 24 years old as of nov 3.. I was diagnosed with
    hsv 2 at 23 years old… My feelings have been all over the place.. One
    minute I’m ok, then the next I’m begging god to not let me wake up the next
    morning. I know that sounds selfish, but I feel like I’m no longer the
    person I was before, I feel like I can’t go out and have fun or hook up
    with anyone.. I feel like no one will ever want to be with me. So many
    people think herpes is a dirty disease, and think only dirty people have
    it, or have a bunch of nasty sores like when you Google search herpes smh I
    just feel like no one would give me the time of day to explain the disease.
    Everyday I ask why is there no cure? Seems to be the least worse of STDs
    (besides the fact there is no cure) first time I’m talking about this,the
    only person who knows is my mom. I have a younger sister, who sometimes
    makes comments about herpes such as.. Ew look at that girl I bet she has
    herpes, or we let’s not eat at that place we might catch herpes.. That
    hurts so much words can’t explain… Like that’s what she or others will
    think of me if they find out..

    Sorry for such a long post.. Most of it might not even make sense, but I
    just felt like I could vent! Thank you so so so much for posting this
    video.. I wish you lived in my state, would be nice to actually meet with
    someone I could talk to face to face. Thanks again!!

  • God bless you!! So brave… :”””””””””) Hugs!!! Love this video… you are
    helping so many people my sweetttie!!! God Bless you!!!

  • What a brave video. I can really feel you here. I hope speaking out like
    this and on TED has been a source of release for you. <3

  • You are so awesome! God bless you. You are not alone! I wish they find a
    cure for this horrible skin condition. Please don’t let the devil play with
    your mind you are somebody still worth loving. You are a beautiful women
    inside and out. I too am a sufferer from #2 and I cry just like you its
    been a year now for me and I just want to give you a cyber hug all the way
    from Kansas city peace be with you.

  • and oh yeah at lest u used protect. and something’s u cant help and u don’t
    know much about things. I know that even thought u know that u can catch
    it. this could happen to anyone.

  • My dad was a seamen….I think he got herpes during his travels. But his
    immune system is pretty good I guess. So Ive only seen one outbreak from
    him ever….It was like all over his waist and back

  • that person should have told u. and care more enough to tell u. I think
    enough thought someone has an std they still desire an good guy. and at
    lest u care about your health and your partners health. im so sorry. hugs
    I wish I could give u an big hug right now. :)

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