Making Peace with Herpes book from Amazon

Making Peace with Herpes: A Holistic Guide to Overcoming the Stigma and Freeing Yourself from Outbreaks

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Making Peace with Herpes book from Amazon
Making Peace with Herpes

Making Peace with Herpes is the most thought-provoking and original book ever written on the subject of herpes. Christopher Scipio started off as a victim of the virus and transformed himself into one of the most experienced holistic practitioners who treats herpes in North America. He is an outspoken advocate of treatment without drug therapy”. While it is a subject that many people would rather avoid, Scipio points out that 60% of the sexually active population in North America has either herpes simplex 1 or 2. “70% of the people who have it either don’t know they have it, won’t admit they have it or are not treating it,” Scipio explains “For some people having herpes can make you feel like a leper. There are no public fundraisers or celebrity spokespersons championing the cause of herpes. In fact you would be hard-pressed to get anyone to admit in public that they have ‘the gift.’ ” “The good news and the ironic news is that herpes is one of the easiest diseases to manage naturally. There is absolutely no need for drug-therapy for herpes. This book isn’t just about how to have fewer outbreaks or how to stop having outbreaks; just doing that isn’t enough to be healthy. This book is about holistically healing your herpes and living a healthy, happy and balanced life. Holistic health is about much more than making symptoms go away.” Making Peace with Herpes is a must read for everyone. Whether you have herpes, are in a relationship with someone with herpes or you just want to educate yourself on the worlds fastest growing pandemic; it’s a self-empowerment guide of the first order.



  • Are you ready to change your life? Not having read another book on herpes, I cannot compare this book to any other book. However, I can compare my health before and after reading “Making Peace With Herpes” and working with Christopher, and I will never need drug therapy, and I have not had any more outbreaks.Everything I do now is for the better of my health, herpes, body, and soul, because I am living and eating and loving consciously. Christopher advocates through his book, and through his life, living and treating…

  • A light in a dark, cold world I bought this book because I was looking for other answers than those provided by medical sites. It definitely provides information on statistics and forms of transmission as well as ways of protecting others. But more importantly it offers a spiritual/emotional approach to dealing with the often devastating news as well as the lifetime “companion”. The author’s personal experience is something we can all relate to and it is comforting to know that one is not alone. Actually knowing that we are…

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